Quick Facts Price: From R336 900 Engine: 1.4 BOOSTERJET engine Power/Torque: 103kW /…

Quick Facts

  • Price: From R336 900
  • Engine: 1.4 BOOSTERJET engine
  • Power/Torque: 103kW / 230Nm
  • 0-100: 8 seconds
  • Transmission: 6-speed Auto/6-speed Manual
  • Fuel economy: 6.1 L/100 km (I managed 9.0L )

First introduced in 2005, the Suzuki Swift Sport is no stranger in the hot hatch industry. I spent a week sampling the latest generation Swift Sport and it has been a joy during the week I had it on a test. The nimble and quirky little hot hatch best describes the phrase “dynamite comes in small packages”.


The Suzuki Swift Sport ticks all the right boxes in terms of looks, it is instantly recognisable as a Swift Sport from the front end. The redesigned front end design is definitely a win for me, The larger honeycomb pattern grille and the nose which is only unique to the Swift Sport really stands out. It is a great looking car from the front. The front lights are LEDs with long light-bar type LED daytime running lights while the front splitter with carbon-fibre type patterning rounds off the sporty look at the front.

On the sides, You will instantly recognise the carbon fibre-patterned side under spoilers which flow from the front splitter, 16-inch alloy wheels which are on low profile tyres making the ride really sleek.

The rear looks just as menacing and mean as the front. An integrated roof spoiler, LED lights, a rear splitter and two chrome exhausts (one on either side) which looks really good and sound good even at low engine speeds.


The Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T Interior
The interior of the Suzuki Swift Sport oozes sportiness and feels comfortable

The interior of the Suzuki Swift Sport oozes sportiness, the flat bottom multifunctional steering wheel feels comfortable and provides excellent feedback while the sporty seats hug you when cornering.

The infotainment is nothing we are not used to, it’s a system which is functional and easy to navigate through and supports Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and also has an Auxiliary port. I did feel like an extra USB port was needed. The absence of an armrest also makes it a bit uncomfortable during long trips while the Sound System did not feel premium enough for a car of its stature.

However, the Swift Sport can easily fit 4 adults comfortably which was a definite win for my friends and I.

How does it drive?

The Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T Interior
The red accents across the cabin look particularly beautiful

Powered by a 1.4-litre booster jet petrol engine which produces 103kW and 230nm of torque, the Swift Sport shares the same engine as the Suzuki Vitara 1.4T, same power output and just 10nm of torque more than the Vitara.

The Swift Sport is very nimble, and this is because the Suzuki Swift Sport only weighs 970kgs, making the power to weight ratio excellent. It has a huge grunt and even gives some cars with bigger engines and bigger power outputs a run for their money.

The ride quality has been perfected in my opinion, it feels really solid and planted to the ground, and going through corners is the best thing about the swift sport, hugs the tar with ease while keeping the nose planted.

The Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T
The dual exhaust give the Swift Sport a good looking rear.

Gear shifts are quick, the gearbox knows exactly what gear to be in and when. The high revs when you put your foot down also sound amazing. This brings me to the fuel consumption, Suzuki claim fuel consumption figures of 6.1l/100km however I found myself playing in the 9s (9.0l/100km) which was a bit of a pain, and I can only blame myself for the pain I caused.

Take the Swift Sport in town and it shines, the highway? It shines even better, it is like that overachiever and keeps getting everything right, all the time.

Verdict and Pricing

The Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T
LED rear lights have been my favourite exterior feature.

So the Swift Sport is an amazing little car, I did not have the pleasure of sampling the predecessor but I am sure that it came nowhere close to what the current-gen Swift Sport does. It looks great, drives even greater and invokes a lot of driver confidence which is always a good thing, it has everything you need for everyday driving to the office and back and taking it on a weekend away to the coast. So, if you have R336 900 for the 6-speed manual or R356 900 for the 6-speed Automatic I would highly suggest you look for your closest Suzuki dealership and go on a test drive, chances are you instantly buy it.

My only gripe would be the sound system which does not sound premium enough as well as the lack of an armrest. The lack of an armrest makes it a bit uncomfortable during long trips.

Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T Manual – R336 900

Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4T Automatic – R356 900 

A 3-year/100 000 km warranty and 4-year/60 000 km service plan are standard.

Review link – Kumbi-M on Cars


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