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You’re in the market for a new car, you may know exactly what you want or may still be searching for your dream ride. What most of us don’t know however, is which dealership or salesperson to trust and who’s going to give you the best service.

This is where we come in. Coseeker Cars provides you with the platform to not only search for new and used vehicles across the country, but makes it easier to find trustworthy dealerships and sales people that are committed to giving you the best customer experience!

Looking for a vehicle? Simply enter in what you’re looking for and click search. You’ll receive a list of vehicles matching your criteria, as well as the information and rating of the dealership selling that vehicle.

Not only this, but before you go ahead with your purchase, Coseeker Cars provides you with a list of sales people that work at the dealership along with their individual ratings. This provides you with the ultimate piece of mind that your car buying experience is going to be a great one!

Looking for a dealer? Simple enter in the make and location and click search! You’ll receive a list of all the top-rated dealerships near your location! Here you view the rating and reviews of each dealership as well as the sales people that work there. Here, you can also write your own reviews and share your experiences with others to make help future buyers make an informed decision.

Before you buy your next vehicle, let Coseeker Cars help you connect with the right person and the right dealership!

At Coseeker Cars we aim to provide customers and dealers throughout South Africa with the ideal platform to let their voices be heard!
Let us help you to find the perfect dealership!

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